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Evance NV, located in Herentals (Belgium), is part of Bewire NV and provides professional front-end solutions on enterprise level, both for web and mobile, and this using the latest technologies.

At Evance we are convinced that the front-end is the most important layer of an app!
Through the front-end we want to trigger everyone's senses digitally: taking the user from the first moment into a unique experience.
Of course it is important that data can eventually be stored or modified. The trick is, however, to make that experience and the way to it special for everyone.
A well thought-out user experience, a high-profile design, the right animations and interactions, making this experience a ripple effect throughout the application.

We offer our knowledge and expertise, so that you can focus on the other important pieces of the puzzle!


We provide professional consultancy services and training to not only provide you with a web or mobile (hybrid) front-end that reflects what you and your team want, we also contribute in making your company future-proof by teaching the best practices and providing thorough framework analysis by our experts.

We can cover projects from A-Z, meaning we can help you setup the best development environment possible by involving the needed build tools, we take initiative in helping you decide which framework(s) to use for your particular case and we can even call in one of our sister companies in order to optimize your back-end environment for front-end specific tasks!

Going to miss your deadline? Evance will help you be on track again. Lightning-fast!

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OH! Mechelen

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Ready to be in the front row of frontend development? Then it’s time you join us at Evance!

Every day, we join forces to come up with groundbreaking applications. We develop and analyze, but we also provide consultancy and training. All of this to guarantee a smooth and effective user experience.

Oh, and talking about experiences: you’ll have plenty of those!
At Evance, we share our learnings every day to stimulate each other’s growth. And it doesn’t stop there, as we regularly have fun together after working hours. One thing’s for sure: it never gets boring round here.

Tempting, you say? Then you might be glad to know that we’re hiring!

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